Comments of the Deo on Aringa Language and Literacy Materials

Ãrị̃ngã Tị is spoken by 250,000 people in Uganda and many other parts of the Sub-Saharan region. However, Ãrị̃ngã Tị, which is very rich in vocabulary, has not featured in many written materials mainly due to the lack of a documented orthography and dictionary in the past.

I am surely convinced that this book will be found useful for language development in many Educational Institutions, Community Development Organisations, Public Libraries, Religious and Cultural Organisations.

I particularly recommend this document for use in Ugandan Primary Schools, Teacher Training Colleges and Public Libraries located in the region where Ãrị̃ngã Tị is widely spoken, in order to ease implementation of the Thematic Curriculum which emphasises the use of local languages.

Angulibo John
(Ag. District Education Officer) – Yumbe District