Background of the Aringa People


The Aringa people are over 250,000 thousand according to 2002 population census - these are those who only live in Yumbe District. Other Aringa speaking people live in Koboko District.

The language they speak falls under the language group called Ma'di Moru. It is a tonal language.

The Aringa are hospitable people, generous, very religious and hard working. The Aringa are also good fighters, good hunters and tolerant and can endure hardships.

The economic activities.

90% of the people are subsistence farmers and the other percentage is shared between civil service and business community of small scale.

Examples of business the Aringa do are hawker business, small shops, transport (Boda-Bodas), pickups and bicycles for transporting people. Tipper lorries also serve to carry people to markets. Buses that come into the District are not owned by the Aringa people.



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